Free From All Doubt

Freedom is a wonderful thing.

I have vision. I can see myself being free of so many things. I haven’t seen the freedom completely manifest, but I’m trying to cooperate with God to make it happen…

I see myself free from the bondage of credit card debt—not being concerned about all ways my check is divided up before I get some of it.

I see myself free from the bondage of acceptance and rejection—not being worried about how when a man will treat me the way I deserve and appreciate everything I have to offer.

I see myself free from having two sets of timeshare payments and maintenance fees—I love to travel but I only need one timeshare (got a promise from someone that they’d sell the other, but it didn’t happen).

I see myself free from wondering why people come and go in my life when I’ve never done anything to hurt them. In the near future, I can take that in stride.

I see myself free from being compelled to say everything that’s on my mind. Everyone has an opinion, but you don’t always have to give it. In the future, I can hold back and “save some for later”.

I see myself free from comparisons to others—like Mary J said, take me as I am or nothing at all. I’ve never been one to “blend in” and follow the crowd. I’ve always been different from others in my circle.

I see myself free to be bold and do things that may not be popular to maintain my character and integrity, and bless someone else.

F- Finally

R- Realizing

E- Everything is

E- Everything

“He whom the Son sets free is free indeed.” – John 8:36