Letting Go

Self-deception is very dangerous. It will have you holding on to something or someone WAY longer than you should.

People often re-evaluate their lives and assess their goals in January. This is a time of year when many couples break up/initiate a divorce. I am grateful that God closed doors in my past so I can discern which ones to knock on (never mind walk through).

I encourage you to walk away from and let go of anything or anyone that is holding you back from your purpose and even basic things you need to do to get your mind/health/money right. Nothing can hold you back unless you let it, him, or her do so. Don’t let friends OR family suck your resources dry. Don’t let anyone use you except the Lord! He’ll give you double for your trouble (see the scripture reference in Job 42:10).

Strongholds and spiritual warfare are real! The battle is in your mind and your spirit first. Pray and ask for strength and endurance. Lean on God and divine friendships, not those who will take advantage of you while you’re down. Ask for God’s will to be done in your life.