Never Would Have Made It

I missed it! The most historic event of our time went down last night, and I missed the live coverage.

I wasn’t asleep. Oh no, Obama’s victory was known before midnight. But it has been years since an election was called that soon. I just knew it would take until Wednesday to count all the votes. Remember all the voting irregularities and all the states that were too close to call in years past?

I was at work until after 1 a.m. There were no TVs accessible, and I could hardly get a signal on my cell phone inside the building.

But I knew he could do it. And “Yes we can” turned into “Yes We Did”.

We have sent the powers that be a message: you MUST pay attention to us. America DEMANDS change. You cannot underestimate the power of the human spirit.

At 1:16 a.m this morning, I received a short email from Obama, as all of his volunteers and supporters did, saying that he won “because of you.”

Because of US, we have a black President of the U.S. Thank you God, and thank you to all of you who voted for Obama. Our votes and and voices DO count. We DO matter.

This is a first step. My prayer is that people’s support will not waver once he is in office. Things in this world will not change overnight, and there is a huge mess to be cleaned up by Bush and his carelessness. But if we keep Obama and his family, and his administration in our prayers, this country can be one to be proud of again. We cannot expect Obama to fix all of our problems, but we can cooperate, like we have during his campaign, to support him and to be a light in our own communities.

I was able to watch the video of all the reactions, and mine is as I knew it would be. Tears of joy and relief.

Obama would have never made it without us. And none of us would have made it without God. Thank you all, whether you voted for him or not.