Who Am I?

Who Am I?

I was thinking about the many roles I play in my busy life. Ree Ree is (in no particular order)…

A volunteer in the media, singles, women’s, and accounting ministries at my home church;

A facilitator of the DivorceCare program (www.divorcecare.org);

A Christian who has always been Baptist but knows there are no denominations in heaven;

An aunt with two nieces in the DC/Baltimore area;

A contributor to various classes and professional organizations;

A mentor and coach to my friends, college students, and anyone who asks;

An avid reader who loves fiction and inspirational titles;

A daughter who makes her parents proud;

A single mom that accepts the challenges and rewards that come with it;

A sister (the middle child of three) who exhibits middle child birth order characteristics;

A thinker who considers the hows and whys of ideas and things that may not occur to others my age;

A professional who strives to stay current with trends and skills in my field;

An ex-wife who is diplomatic and assertive;

A cake designer who always enjoys baking cheesecakes (even more than eating it, these days!);

A merchandiser who often likes working with tangible things more than people;

And lastly,

A friend who is reliable, giving, trustworthy, honest, and loving.