Let’s Talk About Pep

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Wow. I just finished reading Pepa’s autobiography and it was mind-blowing. I read this 200-page book in 4 sittings. It was hard to put it down the first 3 times, and near the end of the book, she says that she did not include everything about her life in this book. Again, wow!

Pepa is a survivor. She tells her story with candor, comedy, and transparency. The book reads like she is talking to you. Her stories are entertaining and real. From the racing in NYC and Europe and other other wild stunts, to the behind-the-scenes look at S-N-P and other celebrities, to the abusive relationships she had with Treach from Naughty-by-Nature (whom she refers to as Brad) and others, to the 6th sense gift that she has, there is never a dull moment. This book is the basis for a great movie, much better than 50’s or the forthcoming Biggie movie (“Notorious” in January ’09). Everyone in my generation, especially hip hop fans, should read this book.

Pepa is an inspiration for women. She has overcome so much, and now understands why she tolerated so many abusive relationships. Learning to love yourself in the environment she was in is a process. The one thing I didn’t agree with her on, is when she said that she should have stayed with one of her athlete boyfriends because if they hadn’t broken up, she wouldn’t have ever gotten with Treach. But this athlete refused to use condoms, and I can’t see how that was a bad decision for her to reject him for that. Ladies, we have to demand that the fellas wrap it up! HIV and AIDS is still an epidemic in our community and we can’t become complacent about it. That’s how it spreads. And now she’s been celibate for 3 years. That chapter was excellent, and I’m so proud of her.

I can’t personally relate to the experiences she tells in the book, but I couldn’t put the book down either. I suggest you go an get it, even if you just borrow it from the library. Pep, keep doing you, and I hope that your schedule allows you to personally visit schools and tell girls how it really is, especially on the relationship tip. Thank you for your bravery in telling your story. You were so transparent, I feel like I know you. I wish you all the success that this new phase of your life (post-drama) will bring!

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