Do It Now

So many people have died in recent months in the news and, I’m sure, in your own lives.  Death reminds us of how short life is.  How do you want to be remembered? What do you want your obituary to say?  What will your legacy be?

You are going to die someday, and it may not be when you are old and gray and at peace.  That’s not morbid– it’s just the truth.  Your life may end suddenly or unexpectedly. You may not see it coming. Our days are numbered, and only God knows when He is ready to take us home. What will we leave behind when we go?

Will we leave behind unfulfilled dreams?

our purpose untouched?

our potential untapped?

loved ones who we haven’t made peace with?

children without provision because we didn’t have a will or trust?

people who don’t think, or haven’t heard in a while, that we love them?

I have heard the phrase, “Live every day as if is your last.” I understand the sentiment, but I’d rather say, don’t take this life for granted. Hopefully, you’re not living your life just for you, but for your purpose (something that helps others), your children, and ultimately, the glory of God. When you do these things, you can’t help but live a blessed life.

I dare you to:

  • call someone you haven’t talked to in a while just to say Hey, I love you, or I was just thinking about you
  • visit someone you haven’t seen in minute
  • send a card to someone who’s going through a rough patch
  • forgive someone even if you don’t think they deserve it
  • take the first step to doing something you dread but have been putting off
  • pray for discernment and direction
  • let go of a long-standing offense


Some people say, “I’ll get around to it when…” and list some future condition before they can accomplish that goal. But the time to start taking steps to where you want to be in your life is now.

Not when you’re totally debt-free.

Not when work gets less hectic.

Not when your children are grown and out of the house.

Not when you get a better job.

Not once you get married.

Not after you finish saving for your emergency fund.

Not once you finish school.

Not when he or she apologizes for what they said or did to you.

Not once you stop being afraid.

My friend, if you are alive and coherent enough to read this, then the time to act is now. It’s not too late to start. Just do it, and do it now.