Did You Hear What You Said?

83480787The Vtech camera is a cute low-tech toy that takes digital pictures, plays games, and records voice. It’s one my daughter’s favorite toys (thanks Auntie Daj!) and one of the features she uses the most is the voice recording and playback. She can spend hours on end recording herself saying any silly thing and then she plays it back. She likes to record herself singing, saying a short phrase, or talking for a minute or more. Sometimes she records conversations she has with me or others. I don’t always know when she is recording, but I can hear it loud and clear when she plays it back.

88751725As adults, we definitely hear each other. “I KNOW she didn’t just say that?” or “He said….” are common phrases we use. But what if someone followed you around for just a day recording everything you said out loud, and then played it back for you? How would you feel about the things you talk about in the average, typical day?  Would you be surprised at how you sound to yourself? Would you be embarrassed or ashamed if others heard you? Would you be proud? Or would you just not care one way or the other? I would ask, what if someone could hear your thoughts, but that’s another blog for another day…

88749684It’s funny that one of my greatest strengths, something that gives myself and others great inspiration and pleasure (speaking) is linked to one of my weaknesses—saying the wrong thing at the wrong time, or saying too much, or spewing venom with my words when I get angry. (Yes, I used the word spewing. Do you like it? I’m just being honest.) My mouth often doesn’t catch up with my mind, and lets out information or thoughts that should not be uttered. But like the Bible says in the book of James, the same mouth can bring both blessing and cursing, but it should not be so (see James 3:9-12)! I’ve gotten into a lot of trouble over the years with my mouth—just ask one of my siblings or my ex-husband. Thank God they have forgiven me and can see past it. Not everyone can, and I don’t always get a second chance.

Someone is always listening, even if it is just God. Just God? Guess what—He always hears us, even if we’re alone or we’re not talking to Him. It’s easy to forget. Hopefully this article is a gentle reminder.