S/He is Not You

Sometimes we can look at another person and imagine that our lives would be easier, happier, or worry-free if we could trade places with them. Life can be so overwhelming sometimes. We want something we don’t have, until we get it, and then realize that’s not “it.” And then we want something else.

  • More or less responsibility at work/home.
  • Shorter/longer/thicker/thinner/straighter/curlier hair.
  • Lose or gain weight.
  • More or less space in the house.
  • To be single if you’re married, or married (or in a relationship) if you’re single.
  • More money (or is it mo’ money mo’ problems)?

dv1659038I have written about discontentment before (see Would You Change Anything?), but lately, I’ve been feeling grateful more than anything else.

I’m grateful that my car runs well and looks decent, even though it’s not new.

I’m grateful that I was able to visit my family (some of whom I didn’t know, but fit in after I got there).

I’m grateful for the safety and security I have even though I live alone with my daughter. I’ve got good neighbors, too.85396740

I’m grateful for the tips, advice, and encouragement that I get from my friends on FB (especially because we don’t get to talk as often).

I’m grateful that God sent His Son here to die for us so that one day we could be with Him and live forever.

I’m grateful that God loves me enough to take things from me or puts me in situations so I will slow down my frenetic pace and think about Him.

I’m grateful for people moving out of my life so that I can grow and move closer to my destiny.
I’m grateful for conquering so many fears. I’m an overcomer.

I’m even grateful to you for reading this right now. Surely there’s another way you could be spending your time right now.

I’m grateful for my life. I have been in a place where I hated my life, so I’ve come full circle. There’s only one me, and only one you. That person you’re looking at and wishing your life was like theirs? Be careful. You don’t know what they have to go through to maintain. S/He is not you. Thank God and spend some time being grateful to Him for creating you.grateful_wordle


2 thoughts on “S/He is Not You

  1. You are so right. Our lives are all about where we focus our energy–whether it’s gratitude and what we can enjoy, or envy and what we think someone else has that we don’t. When we can enjoy what someone else has, then we’re more likely to create that for ourselves, if we want it. Or we can just enjoy that someone else has it–whether it’s curly hair or straight!

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