Just Because… I’m a Queen

Most of my mornings are not rushed because I work from home. I still have to get up around 7 to get my daughter off to school, so I do have to leave the house, there’s typically not much traffic or rushing around.

This week has been a little odd, because my routine it to get fully washed and dressed before noon, even if I am wearing PJs to drop off my daughter to school (hey, why not—nobody is paying me any attention and I don’t have to get out of the car).

I’m decluttering several rooms in my house to put it up for sale. I’m packing up about 60% of the things I don’t think I’ll need until summer, and donating or trashing the rest.  packed moving boxes One of the rooms I finished first was the bathroom, but I left out all my perfume bottles. One of the gift sets I bought for myself last month as Queen Latifah’s Queen—I got the body butter and perfume in a package three weeks ago, but hadn’t used it yet.  I’d look at it, open the body butter jar, take a whiff, then close it and put it back down. I still even have the box displayed on my tub, showing Queen Latifah in a beautiful red dress with a stunning gold backdrop.

Queen Gift Box

I’ve had this perfume on my wish list ever since it came out, but Mother’s Day, my birthday, and Christmas have passed without getting it. So I gave it to myself for Valentine’s Day (I broke up with my boyfriend a few days prior, and I knew I wouldn’t be getting it as a gift waiting for another year).

My reasoning for not using it is that it smelled so pretty, it should only be used for special occasions such as dates, going to church, or any outing where I’d be around people that could admire my new fragrance.

A few Sundays passed, and I went to church but still hadn’t cracked open the Queen. I don’t know why.

Then today I looked at it again. Today is a special occasion.

It’s a special occasion because God woke me up this morning, and I can walk around and appreciate it.

I bought Queen as my own Valentine’s Day gift because I love me, and I didn’t want to keep waiting to get it. I deserve to pamper myself every now and then. Why should I keep waiting?

It’s a similar principle to the reason why I’m moving. I may not have much help right now, but I have to get the ball rolling, so I took the first step. Decluttering and donating are my priority in March.

Do you always have to wait for a holiday or special occasion to do something nice for someone you care about? Or can you do it “just because”?

My Father is royalty. So I’m doing it just because… I’m a Queen, and I love me.

massage parlor

What have you done for YOU lately? What are you going to do for yourself today? You don’t have to spend a lot to treat yourself, but don’t wait around for someone to notice what you want or need.


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