Why I Write

Three-ring binders of loose-leaf paper. Composition books. Diaries with locks.

A countless number of these notebooks and makeshift journals have held my innermost thoughts since I was 13 years old. These artifacts helped me gather my thoughts and get back into my teenage mindset as I began the process of writing my book, which is for teen girls of today. It was amazing for me to read through all of my thoughts and feelings, as I wrote in vivid detail about the different situations I went through. To see my growth and transformation. To see the types of people I was drawn to, and how I let them treat me. To see how I felt about myself, my family, and God. To remember things that I forgot. To realize all that I’ve learned since then. Sometimes I wish I could go back in time with everything I know now, because I would have made better choices.

Journaling helps me to release negative emotions, record achievements, and express myself however I want to without judgment. In my journals, I can say exactly what I think, without any comments or opinions from others. I don’t have to be proper or politically correct. My journal quietly accepts me. It allows me to relax and be myself. It doesn’t complain if I don’t visit it for a while. It doesn’t smirk, sigh, or smugly say, “I told you so.” It doesn’t question me, demand perfect grammar, or argue with my point of view.

What would I do if I couldn’t write? How would I express myself? I don’t know how to sing. I’m not an artist. I love to dance, but I don’t dance when I’m sad. How would I let go of the things that hurt me without using my words? How would I remember all the good times I’ve had without writing it all down?

Speeches, blogs, songs, journal entries, and stories are the ways I express myself through writing. My speeches inspire others, and I can tell. My blog postings touch people, and they tell me. The songs I create are from the heart, and the words don’t have to rhyme.  My journal entries are kept confidential. What a vast array of ways to share myself, from my mind and heart to paper and pen!

As long as there’s someone out there that wants to learn something, escape from something, laugh at something, reflect on something, overcome something, sell something, perform something, or announce something, I’ll write for you.  I write for all these reasons, to help you do all these things. But even if you don’t need my help, I need to write. Writing is what I do. And it helps me, too. It’s what we all need–to help each other.

This post was originally written on 2/19/09, but revised for an Editor Unleashed writing contest. Comments are welcome.  Thanks to Candys and Shernita for all your encouragement and kind words!Get My Self-Publishing Checklisthttps://dareeallen.leadpages.co/leadbox-942.js


One thought on “Why I Write

  1. Last week I consolidated all of the writings I’ve done over the past several years. Turns out I have enough to nearly publish a book of life stories (nearly 25,000 words) and more than 60 essays.

    I write because I can and because it’s cathartic and because it might motivate someone else to do the same and because it’s a good way to connect with others of a like mind and … and… and…

    Thanks for sharing

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