Paying The Cost to Love the Boss: An Overview of Platinum

Platinum by Aliya S. King (originally titled No Tea for the Fever) was released earlier this month, and it only took me a whopping three days to finish (’cause I’m in the middle of trying to relocate this week). This is the first fiction book I have read in YEARS. I’m all about inspiration, how-to, gaining knowledge, and promoting self-help, but when Aliya previewed the premise of the book and its cover on her blog, I knew right away that I was going to dig in, and dig in quickly.

Full disclosure: I’m biased. I am one of Aliya’s “dear readers” of her blog.  So this is not really a review, it’s more like an overview. I should have called it “A Look at ..” or “My thoughts on…”  She has much knowledge and candid insight about the writing biz for those of us on the come-up. And I consider her one of many writer/journalist/author “friends in my head”. I read “Keep the Faith” and loved it. Much later I was fascinated when Aliya finally sat down to explain to her writer fans how it came about. (Side note– she also mentioned that she’ll be working Faith on a new project very soon–yay! Honestly, I don’t know how she gets any sleep.)

I Wish We Could Go Back to the Way Things Used to Be…

Karrine Steffans
Karrine Steffans

The story consists of rappers, the women who love them, and a video vixen that connects them. A younger generation of hip hop and R&B is involved. Families and groupie love comes into play. Lots of blurred lines here. Politics and self-doubt. Gossip vs. ethics. Self-respect, infidelity and loyalty. Other reviews give away more than I’m about to. The climax of the story comes when a rapper’s wife tells a journalist that she wishes she could escape all the drama and heartache of her life as it is now, and go back to the way things were when she and her husband were broke but happy. An R&B star and her BFF (a cheating rapper’s wife) also share similar sentiments.

Platinum is definitely the stuff movies are made of, like a biopic, or in a “based on a true story” kind of way. But I told you I’m not giving away much of the plot. However, I do have some questions, which Aliya may address in the sequel.

So, I Was Wondering… (SPOILER)

If you haven’t read the book, you might not want to read any further (IOW, spoiler alert!). Aliya, or any Platinum readers that can help me out with these, please be my guest. (The answers may be right under my nose, but I don’t read books twice—too many to keep up with.)

  1. We see that Jake was with Cleo (although he’s not named, there was that Good Times reference), but did she really keep her word and not put him in the original manuscript that Kipenzi read on the plane? I was pretty sad about her death (maybe that’s silly to say but I was, as I immediately thought of Aaliyah). Also, there’s no mention of whether Kipenzi and Jake got into it before the plane crash (he said he was going with her). He didn’t seem to show any grief or sorrow, or surviving any injuries in the remainder of the book. Dylan survived too, maybe she overheard something…
  2. What happened when Zander and Bunny met at the hotel on the night of her abortion? Did she set him up for another trap? Did the side piece get an abortion, too?
  3. Did Z’s side chick in Hoboken have a second baby by him for real? Did he relapse on the drugs that Cleo had waiting for him near the end of the book?
  4. Is Cleo baby Reina’s mother? (I don’t recall any mention of her being pregnant with all her action.) If not, then who?

What do you think about Platinum? Let’s discuss!


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  1. He ended up not going on the flight because they were trying to sign Bunny and thought it’d be easier if the head of the label showed up.

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