One is the Magic Number

I like having my own space. It’s nice to walk in the door to your home and be met by peace and quiet. You can walk around naked. You can eat your dessert before your dinner (or skip dinner altogether). You can do anything, or whatever, or nothing.

I can be extroverted or introverted depending on my mood and what’s going on around me. But most of the time, I like the quiet, and being alone with my thoughts. But I remember the days when I had to have music bumpin’ or the TV blaring constantly in the background, because silence drove me crazy. Now I realize that I was running from my inner voice, and trying to drown ME out.  I was uncomfortable with too much quiet.

These days I am comfortable with silence, and used to it. I also find that when my inner man speaks (i.e., the Holy Spirit), I need to listen. I think if we surround ourselves with too much noise in our lives (and that’s any kind of constant distractions, not just audible noise), God will wait for us to be quiet before He speaks to us. That still, soft voice is not going to scream over all that noise.

It can also be more practical to get done things done when you’re alone when you’re out and about. At times, you can have more enjoyment and/or lower your level or frustration that way. Think about how much you spend on groceries when you’re shopping with your child or significant other, versus shopping alone? The same can be said for clothes and other shopping.

Why are people afraid to be alone with themselves? Are they afraid to hear their own thoughts, or listen to their own voice?

You can learn to enjoy silence and the pleasure of your own company. I like my own company and not having to explain myself or tolerate a lot of noise around me. Sometimes I will drive without turning on the radio or playing a CD. Just me, my thoughts, and the open road are enough. It’s no big deal at all for me to go to the movies, a sit-down restaurant, or even a trip to the opposite coast by myself. Because being alone does not necessarily mean being lonely.

How about you? When was the last time you took a Saturday or day off and treated yourself to a movie, an afternoon of shopping, or some other recreation by yourself? How do you feel when you do things like that alone? If you don’t like it, what do you think that means?


4 thoughts on “One is the Magic Number

  1. i love this post and i also share your love of the magic number one. a dear friend of mine was rendered speechless when i shared with her how much i love dining alone. i don’t mean alone at home. i mean actually visiting a nice restaurant and eating alone.

    the food is better. the atmosphere is more palpable. i can eat as fast as i want or i slow as i want. i told her to try it. it’s extremely liberating.

    with regard to my home life, i’ve always been a loner. my oldest son is away in the military. i have joint custody of my youngest. so, during the times that he’s with his father….it’s just me. if i chose to have company, i will. but i love the peace, serenity, tidy-ness (that isn’t disturbed) – all because of the magic number #1.

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