Any Takers?

Michael Ealy profile in the Takers movie adThis is going to be most shortest post ever. I think.
(And the most grammatically incorrect.)


In a recent post, I talked about treating yourself to a movie.  I’ve only got 2 words for the movie Takers that opened this past weekend:

Lov-ded-ed it!

 It’s not a chick flick, but it’s got plenty of eye candy.  Mmmm…


There was only one thing missing from this movie:

Will Smith in black background

Yes I said it!!

OK OK, Will may not have been the best fit for the movie, seeing how he can hold it down alone and whatnot.

I haven’t been to the movies in 6 months (and that was to see Valentine’s Day—on Valentine’s Day. I guess I like ensemble casts? It helped, but Jennifer Garner’s been my girl ever since Season 1 of Alias).

Or maybe it’s just that I’m waiting on Will. July 4th and Christmas are the times his movies are released, yes?

Well, it won’t be another 6 months before I hit the theater. The next movie Unstoppable movie posterI’m gunning for? Unstoppable, starring Denzel. Need I say more?

I think he’s been doing several November releases for a few years now. Remember Deja Vu, Inside Man, and American Gangster?

I’ll see you in November. In the meantime, check out my boys in Takers.