Getting My Ish Together

Just because I want to it don’t mean I will
And just because I’m angry it don’t mean I’d kill
And just because she looks good it don’t mean I’d hit it
And just because I’m horny, it don’t mean I’m widdit
Just because I make records, don’t mean that I’m gassed
And just because I’m rappin, don’t mean I chase a**
Just because I’m wildin’, don’t mean I can’t stop
I got discipline baby, and I use it a lot /
I got discipline baby whether you do or not

– from the single “Discipline” by Gang Starr, 1999

It’s time for me to buckle down and use some self-discipline. I identified some things I need to do to “tighten up,” but I know it takes some time for a habit to become ‘second nature.’

Last week I made good by getting on my cardio on (did turbo kickboxing and Zumba Monday thru Thursday) and reading my devotionals every morning, but that whole getting up by 9 am thing was rough! Ugh, it's too light in here! Going to bed before midnight most nights was hard, too (I know they are both directly related to my time online). I also visited a couple of new Toastmasters clubs, with a goal to transfer my membership by month-end.

But as for this week? Don’t ask. I need to re-read these posts about how to build self-discipline and what discipline really means. Oh well, at least I’ve continued to blog daily–that’s a huge accomplishment. Just hope it lasts longer than Janet Jackson’s album with the same name.


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