In the Comfort Zone: Well-Worn Favorites

Do you have ‘comfy clothes’? Maybe a favorite shirt or pair of jeans that you’re comfortable in?

When Cookie Johnson came on Oprah’s show to premiere her CJ jeans, Oprah confessed that she wore hers for a few days in a row, they were so comfortable. I too, have some clothes that I just keep wearing over and over, while neglecting others. Always have. Every time I say I have too many t-shirts, I find myself buying another tee.

My daughter favors some of her clothes too. It’s usually not a big deal, because for the past few years she’s been in school, she’s been required to wear a uniform. (Uniforms make things SO much easier in the morning, let me tell you.) But recently, she’s gotten on this kick on non-school days where she wants to wear the same shirt and/or bottoms that she wore the day before. She does this during weeks like this where there’s no school (Fall Break 6 weeks after school started!) and she goes to day camp.

In general, I don’t have a big problem with re-wearing a top or bottom without washing it as long as it is still clean and does not stink. I do it (but people don’t see me that much since I telecommute). Because these are the same kids that saw her yesterday, and she owns more than 5 outfits, I insist that she wear something different. (This does not apply to undergarments–we ALWAYS change them.)

How about you? Do you favor the same jeans or shirts, or do you mix it up? Do you re-wear any part of any outfit a second time without washing it, or is that just plain nasty?