Get (Sleek) Like Me?

O The Oprah Magazine is known for having pages and pages of ads–always has. It’s no wonder, because Oprah’s readership demographic is a coveted market, I’m sure. (As an admitted magazine hoarder, I myself only get it because I came across a $1-an-issue offer.) Anyway, the other night while flipping through the October 2010 issue of O magazine, I saw this ad for American Living and it stopped me dead in my tracks.

My first impression of this picture is that the little girl with kinky hair is enamoured with the woman’s slick-straight hair. It’s a contrast that touches on something I discussed when I did the big chop in June.  My daughter too, was in love with my hair, especially when I came from a Dominican salon.

The girl is not trying to hug the woman or wrap her arms around her, or put her hands over her eyes (which sometimes kids do playfully from behind). I just know that I keep trying to stare into the girl’s eyes to read them, and see how her expression doesn’t match the woman’s facial expression, which seems to say, ‘I’m trying to be polite, but could you get off of me?,’ or, ‘Can someone come and get this kid, please?’

Of course, I could be reading too much into this. Never mind that O magazine seems to largely cater to a White female audience, but perhaps I should just be happy that two brown-skinned females are the sole object of this ad for an exclusive JC Penney clothing brand.

But I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Get (Sleek) Like Me?

  1. i’m not sure what this photo is trying to say either. made for both of us? obviously, that’s the apparel the clothing line is pedaling. but why is the child playing around in the woman’s hair and why is the woman so inattentive to the child. couldn’t there be a bit of eye contact or touching or smiling or SOMETHING!

    the model actually looks like danielle. one of the ANTM winners from a few years back. remember, the cute girl from arkansas with the heavy southern accent that tyra berated her about unmercifully?

    the whole pic is just weird.

    1. Re: “why is the woman so inattentive to the child. couldn’t there be a bit of eye contact or touching or smiling or SOMETHING!” – Exactly. She’s not trying to be bothered.

      I went to JCP’s site and this same woman was in another ad walking down the street beside a white woman and the line in the middle said “For Best Friends.” Those two women were not trying to look at, be near, or talk to each other.

      The photographer or the copywriter–one of them should be fired.

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