It’s An All-Star Week!

This week is like an “All-Star Week” for me:  I gained my 1,000th Facebook friend, I’m writing my 100th Daree’s Insights blog post, I’m celebrating my birthday, and of course, Thanksgiving!

Nothing But a Number

Some people ask how old I am, and when I tell them, they say, “Oh you’re a baby!” I used to hate that comment but now I laugh it off because I don’t care–there’s always someone older or younger than you. There’s always someone who has been where you’re going. I don’t care who knows my age, but I no longer have my birth year listed in my profile on Facebook for security reasons. (I’ve had identity theft issues in the past.)

My supervisor and I are the only females on our immediate writer team. On a conference call with my supervisor and the rest of our team, we were signing off and wishing each other happy vacations and holidays. When I mentioned that another writer had a birthday next week (this week) along with myself, she alluded to my age, and I replied in jest, “Hey, I don’t have to lie [about it] yet.” She laughed and said, “Daree, wait ’til you get to 50… it’s all downhill from there.” I hope she doesn’t really feel that way about herself. I have always looked forward to getting older, ever since I can remember.

When I was a child, being 30 or 40 seemed ancient. I know people (men) who dread approaching 30 (I don’t understand why or identify with them even when they explain it). I’m really looking forward to 40. I have many friends in their 40s and it seems like a great place to be mentally. Stuff that mattered when you were 20 or 25 doesn’t matter anymore (especially with regard to your frame of mind and your perspective). That concept was a big premise of my upcoming book. Live today with your future in mind, but enjoy your journey along the way.


What to Do?

I’ve always wanted to take a trip on my birthday (I did last year, literally flying all evening) but going somewhere exotic is always expensive since it’s Thanksgiving week. I’ve tried to plan it with another friend of mine, who I call my “sister from another mister” because she has the same birthday, but it hasn’t worked out yet. I usually settle for a spa date with myself complete with dining out and maybe another rare fun activity to treat myself. Seth Godin’s last two birthday blog posts about what to do on your birthday and not making a big deal of your birthday got me thinking. I was born on November 23, but what does that mean? What did I bring into the world with me that is worth celebrating and sharing with others? When I answer that question, I start to think and come up with some selfless ideas. I know what to do on my birthday.

What kinds of things do you like to do on your birthday? Do you do them throughout the year or just as a special treat by yourself or loved ones? Do you celebrate just that one day, all week or all month?