My Birthday is Like New Year’s Day

If you read yesterday’s post, then you know today is, but I’m going to treat this day like New Year’s Day.

I’ve got a bunch of things I’m thankful for since my last birthday, and a bunch of things I want to accomplish before my next one. I started writing the following lists two months ago and managed to save my notes. These lists are in no particular order…

The Top 5 “Ballsy” Things I Did This Year

The Top 5 Things I Learned This Year

  • Just because someone isn’t there, doesn’t mean s/he doesn’t care.
  • I can handle single-parenting without “losing it.”
  • No one is inaccessible.
  • Stepping out on faith has its rewards.
  • Doing the right thing isn’t always the easy choice, but it’s always the best choice.

6 Things I Want to Do Next Year (That I Haven’t Done)

  • Publish my book.
  • Build a minimum 6-month emergency fund.
  • Get more paid writing and speaking gigs.
  • Join the NSA Academy (for aspiring professional speakers).
  • Attend a writer’s conference.
  • Earn another Toastmasters award, and get closer to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).

5 Things I’m Going to Keep Doing Next Year (Not Previously Mentioned)

  • Being straight-up and honest with people.
  • Paying for things without using credit cards or financing.
  • Driving my ’04 Mazda (I enjoy not having a car payment).
  • Guest blogging (thank you to all my subscribers and supporters!).
  • Trusting God.

I plan to reassess these goals of mine every month, and you’ll like see posts about my progress on them. I’m really excited about what the future holds– how about you?


5 thoughts on “My Birthday is Like New Year’s Day

  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Seems like you have had quite a year. All the best with your goals. Thank you for your blog its rare to see honesty these days. May God grant you all your hearts desires.

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