Social Media Milestones: My 100th Post and 1,000th Friend

This post is my 100th post for this blog. Never mind that it took me two years– it’s an accomplishment I’m proud of. I couldn’t have planned it any better, as I just climbed over 1,000 Facebook friends a few days ago.


The First 1,000

Out of the 1,000+ friends I have on Facebook since joining in 2008, I have personally met and conversed with about 80% my FB friends either in person or online before “friending” them (many through school, church, and blogs). The other 20% of my affiliations are bloggers, coaches, and businesses I support or otherwise want to patronize. If I accepted someone as a friend that I didn’t know well, I often place  them on my limited profile list as soon as I confirm them. The Limited Profile list has restricted privacy settings.

I inadvertently slowed my ‘friend growth’ by setting my privacy settings a little too privately. I unknowingly had settings that didn’t even allow legitimate people to request me as a friend, even if they could search for me and see my picture. I guess I was little over-zealous because FB has a opt-out privacy settings (when they make a global change, their default is to allow full The setting I had for allowing friends to find me was set to “Everyone,” but the setting to add me was grayed out. Thus, real-life friends and other legitimate contacts could not add me.

There’s also the issue of people not respecting your wall and the nature of the things they post.  One of my friends (a real friend not just on FB) deleted people from her friend list when they posted videos or notes to her wall (or tagged her in them) that had nothing to do with her, and let everyone else know by announcing it as her status.  Some people don’t use social media etiquette, so I don’t blame her.


How I Use Facebook

When I first joined Facebook, it helped me waste time far more than any TV show–especially the games. The applications annoy me for the most part. Like many of you, I initially signed up with Facebook to reconnect with old friends and stay in touch with family members. However, the beauty and power of social media is that it also helps me make new friends and gives me access to much wider sources of information and contacts, as well as build a platform, which is important for my forthcoming book launch.

My Twitter followers go up with each blog post (you can follow me as @DareeAllen). Now I just gotta work on my Facebook fan page numbers…