Progress, Not Perfection… I Stay Winning

In work, love, and life I aim for progress, not perfection. And progress is a process.

Progress is the Key to the Goal

I’m taking baby steps to work on some of the things I mentioned in my new years post back in November 2010.


The three things that have my priority right now are:

  1. Plugging through the edits and rewrites on my book (my editor finished two weeks ago so it’s time to get started).
  2. Winning one of my Toastmasters club contests this month: I’ve been studying 1999 World Speaking Champion Craig Valentine’s 52 Speaking Tips, the last of which I received this week, and this is the first opportunity I’ve had to compete in a long time since I couldn’t compete last year as a district officer.
  3. Lexi’s 6-month Weight Loss Challenge: Although I don’t look it, I weigh 192 pounds (size 16) and would like to lose about 25 (I’ll fit a size 14). I’ve stopped eating fast food, red meat, and desserts,  increased my green vegetable intake, and hope to get some kickboxing/dance workout DVDs soon (any suggestions?) so I can feel (and be) more energetic.

I’ll write more about these goals as I progress. I’ll also recount my Lasik enhancement experience that is happening this morning (my left eye has been blurry since having done Lasik the first time 4 months ago). Although I don’t want to endure this procedure again, at least I’m not scared.

I Will Stay Winning in 2011*

As a continuation of my 2011 theme, “All I Do is Win,” I’ve come up with my own affirmations/declarations. May they inspire you to make your own list, and be a big winner this year, too!

All I Do is Win a publishing contract.

All I Do is Win the heart of my Boaz.

All I Do is Win the “battle of the bulge.”

All I Do is Win a bigger and bigger savings account.

All I Do is Win Toastmasters contests.

All I Do is Win clients and speaking engagements.

All I Do is Win favor over haters.

All I Do is Win friends and influence people.

All I Do is Win satisfaction and happiness.

All I Do is Win WHATEVER I put my mind and hand to do.

Aim for progress, and stay winning!

*It’s not grammatically correct, but I like it.


4 thoughts on “Progress, Not Perfection… I Stay Winning

  1. Hey! Im so glad you joined the Challenge and that you are working towards being healthier. I will be changing up my diet starting next week.
    Also, sorry to hear you had to go back. I have been looking into Lasik, but I don’t know….I hope you have a good experience today

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