Respect the Architect
"Self-Love" Art by Andrea Pippins

Wearing my hair natural continues to be something I get questions and comments on. In the natural hair documentary entitled, Natural Beauty: Happy to be Nappy, I explained why I “went natural” (around the 2:20 mark). HINT: see the artwork to the left. The video is linked below and courtesy of Shakethia Robertson of Respect My Crown Productions.

Several of my friends that are a part of the Atlanta Naturally Fierce meetup group are also featured in this video, who proudly, fearlessly, and FIERCELY rock their hair in a natural state, the way that God made us.

I’ve gone back and forth about whether to grow out my TWA or head back to my barber for a fresh cut like one in this video, but either way, I feel so free. Enjoy and comment!

Natural Beauty: Happy to be Nappy from Respect My Crown on Vimeo