Chocolate and Contentment–Oh So Sweet!

For Valentine’s Day, I got some chocolate–maybe not the kind I wanted… just kidding. My sister always hooks me up with chocolate and/or flowers. She has a sweet side to her and I can feel the love. 🙂

I went to a couple of “Cupid is Stupid” events this past weekend, but on the real, I’m pretty content with being single these days. I hope you don’t feel left out of the V-Day hoopla if you’re single. It’s all good baby!

I just started a channel on YouTube, and in the video below I talk about singleness, whether another person can really  “complete” you, and dealing with feelings of discontentment and heartbreak. I’m surprised by how much I said since I had a little tiny note in front of me (I had to make a “Part 2”!). Anyhoo, if you like the content, subscribe to my YouTube channel (and this blog via RSS or email (look to the right for signup)! Thanks.


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