How to Become an Amazing, Desirable Woman

Shanel has done it again.

I just had to post some notes from Shanel Cooper-Sykes‘ Ustream on Valentines night (she will post it to her YouTube channel later). She gave “10 Steps to Become a Amazing Woman That Every Man Wants,” and I couldn’t agree more!:
1- Cleanse your past. Write down your past lovers, think about your childhood hurts. Get it out and then get over it. Let go of the baggage.

2- Love thyself. Build a relationship with God. Be still and quiet your life down a little bit. Begin to seek God and you will build yourself and your confidence. Talk to yourself and tell yourself the right things. Use affirmations. Speak life. Explore your likes. Fall in love with yourself before you expect someone else to. Teach people how to love you. Exude love and it will radiate back to you.

3- Confidence. 97 of 100 men she surveyed said that the sexiest thing about a woman was confidence.  Lack of confidence comes from not knowing what you can do. So learn what you can do– know yourself.

4- Substance. Get something in your mind– have something to talk about. Educate yourself and know what is going on in the world. Can you have a conversation with a man without talking about sex or something of substance? Get some business. There’s nothing worse than a person that has nothing to do! Travel, expand yourself, do something to grow!
Get some substance.

5- Authenticity. Do you know what you look like? Is there too much weave, too much make-up? Is your image distorted? You need to be a real person. You take all this stuff off and a man is bewildered because you look like a totally different person. You can enhance yourself but don’t transform yourself. No false advertisement! Be natural and know who you are underneath all that other stuff.

6- Language. The power of the tongue. You are speaking your life into existence! The reason that you are where you are in your life is because you spoke it. If it’s negative, you’ll continue being negative. If you’re talking about someone cheating on you, they’ll do it (or keep doing it). Change the conversation and you can change your experience. Watch your words. [This is an extension of #2.] Eliminate all negative conversations with your girlfriends about men!

7- Attitude. All men are not bad, horrible, trying to sleep with you, etc. You are just picking the wrong ones [over and over]. Lose the attitude. Learn to become friends with men. Are you comfortable conversing with men? Drop the wall you have up. Stop moving your neck, giving the side eye, and pouting your lips. 🙂  You don’t need to dis every man who approaches you. If you don’t want anyone to talk to you, stop drawing attention to yourself with your cleavage and all that– just stay home.

8- Be Sexy. You don’t have to be loud! Harsh movements are not necessary. Soften your voice. You don’t have to be so hard and so rigid– be a lady. Learn how to have sex! So many women don’t know how to have an orgasm, or how to please their partner. How to be a “hoe.” Don’t be so rigid and uptight! Improve your sex game.

9- Domestication. You [only] make microwave meals? Do you know how to cook and clean? Start in the kitchen. Cooking is powerful– men love a woman who can cook.

10- Choose wisely. Do not complain about a man if you have chosen a loser! Choose a leader, loves God, building a kingdom (or has one), respects your body and his. Leave the married men alone! Don’t become a victim. We have the power to choose.

Ladies, we are powerful. We can shape and change the world. It starts with us!