Look Ma… I’m on TV!

My next few posts recaps some winter “vacay” highlights from last week in Los Angeles, when my daughter had her winter break from school. I flew with her to her dad’s, then took off west. On the first two of my four days in L.A., I attended not one, but two tapings for late-night shows!

George Lopez Taping

I signed up online to join the audience for Lopez Tonight at the WB Studios in Burbank. On my first day in L.A., I was in that audience. The whole process took about five hours: half of that time was just waiting to go into the studio (checking in, adding standby audience prospects, re-counts, lining up, walking, security, and more waiting). The guests were (in order) Trevor Bayne (the youngest Daytona 500 winner ever), Jessica Lucas (of Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son), music by Bobby Valentino with Bobby Brown, and DJ Pauly D (Jersey Shore). These interviews were for a couple of different shows–George just changed his tie. The interviews of the first three guests aired on the February 24, 2010 show (taped the day before), and Pauly D’s interview airs on the March 2, 2010 show.

I sat in “the pit” so the “hype man” warned that I would be on camera a lot. And when the Bobbys performed (Rock Witcha), I was right next to the stage and speakers. I thought I’d be hoarse with all the screaming and standing and clapping that was going on. The band was tight and I didn’t mind giving (or feigning) energy. My only issue? I was FREEZING! From the time I got off the plane, I was cold ALL DAY. I needed a coat, and inside the studio, there was no relief.

Jimmy Kimmel Taping

The highlight of my second day in L.A. was attending a taping of Jimmy Kimmel Live at the El Capitan Theatre, across the street from the Kodak theatre (Oscar award preparation was well underway). Kimmel’s guests that night were Owen Wilson (Hall Pass), Kelly Ripa, and Grammy-winning singer Adele. Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos and their youngest, whose birthday was that day, popped up after her interview for a quick pic (been fans of Ripa and Consuelos since they played Hayley and Mateo on All My Children). Again, the set is a lot smaller in person, but it was no less exciting. I felt a little funny because I don’t normally watch the show (I don’t even know how Kimmel became famous), but it was awesome because one of my friends works at ABC and was able to get us into the show just hours before it, with green room access to boot!

Getting into the green room eliminated the long wait in the cold that I had the day before, and of course, it wasn’t green anywhere that I could tell. The green room was like a large living room with red and black decor, 2 large wide TV screens on the wall, a bar, a pool table, and countless pics of Kimmel with his guests. I did not get to rub elbows with the stars, but I enjoyed the experience.

Have you ever met any celebrities in Hollywood (on a show or on the street)? What were they like?

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