Redeeming the Time

Alrighty, here’s a quick update on my post earlier this week.

  • Finish the last 3 chapters of edits on my book (not yet, but will by Sunday)
  • Cook more meals and eat less fast food (yep- made 2 slow cooker meals)
  • Post 2 more blog posts (check!)
  • Upload a new video to my YouTube channel (2!)
  • Get to bed before 11:30 pm each night (only once I think– but it happened when I turned off the computer by 8 pm)

Some additional accomplishments:

  • Completed 2 more speeches in 2 of my 3 Toastmasters clubs (I’m on track to achieve my Advanced Communicator Silver by June). I’ve actually decided to scale back to 2 clubs 🙂
  • Did some networking at a couple of events this week (I often don’t do anything on weeknights)

It’s been a productive week overall for me and I’m looking forward to some great summery weather this weekend. How was your week?


4 thoughts on “Redeeming the Time

  1. My week’s been pretty good so far. Grizzlies game with my youngest so during Spring Break, paid all bills (on time), clean house, laundry done, extra time to visit some of my favorite blogs 🙂

    I’d say… life’s good this way!!!

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