Goal Call (May Edition)

Since my last goal call 2 months ago,  I’ve accomplished a lot.


I have submitted my book to a publisher and it was accepted! The editors at Brown Books Small Press were pleased with my manuscript and followed up with a publishing proposal, which I accepted. I have been requesting endorsements from friends, colleagues, and a few celebrities in the meantime. For those of you who don’t know, my book is a self-esteem/memoir book to empower teen girls to celebrate their uniqueness and use the good sense God gave them. It touches on aspects of every day life for them.


Last month I dropped my Toastmasters membership from 3 clubs to 2, mainly because of the lack of performance of the 3rd club, of which I had only been a member for 6 months. I didn’t feel that it fulfilled me, and my attempts to mentor some of the members was lightly received and never implemented. In spite of that, I achieved my Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) educational award and am working on my High Performance Leadership (HPL) starting this week. I recently applied for and accepted the position of Publicity Chair for the District 14 Fall Conference that is taking place in less than 4 months. In my HPL, I will be recruiting volunteers to assist me with this position, and several folks will evaluate my leadership skills as I carry out this project. I attended the kickoff meeting last week, and met a lot of seasoned Toastmasters from all over the region.


My daughter and I have expanded our hobbies a bit, into the world of modeling. People have been telling me how beautiful she is for years, but until now, I haven’t lived in close proximity to resources and auditions where I could explore the possibilities and opportunities further.

Self-Denial with Results

But by far, my biggest accomplishment this month (or maybe tied with the book proposal victory) is my large weight loss. This month alone, which is not yet over, I have lost almost 20 pounds! I have a separate post coming up chronicling that journey, the method I used, what I learned about myself and my preferences, and the new outlook I now have. To get an idea of what’s been going on, you can watch my short video below. I’ve been posting more videos than blogs lately, but I am around! Leave a comment and let me know what you think, and any cool goals you’re working on/have completed.

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