I’m Doing My Own Thing

Woman rock climbingIn a recent post I mentioned that I accepted a publishing proposal from Brown Books Small Press for my forthcoming self-help teen book, entitled, “What’s Wrong With Me?.”

That was premature.

I talk about empowerment day in and day out, but what could be more empowering for this project than to take the reins and make sure I don’t get taken?

I just don’t trust any of these vanity/subsidy press companies I’ve heard of, and too many of my self-published author friends have had bad experiences. So I have decided to self-publish in the truest sense: I am hiring my own independent contractors, working with a local printer (for now– distribution channels to come later), and devising a marketing plan of attack for a slated September book launch. Thus, I will have some discontinuity (is that a word?) on this blog. Please don’t hold it against me if when my posts start to lapse.

I’ve got 3 self-publishing manuals I’m reading and re-reading (one by Dan Poynter and two published by Writer’s Digest books–I probably don’t need them all, but what can I say, I took advantage of the Borders store closings). I also spent some time last Saturday morning with a thesaurus, brainstorming names to call my new publishing company that I’ll be setting up soon. I achieved success… I think.  I am going with the name Kharacter Distinction Books unless enough of you tell me that’s a wack name in the next week or so. I’m also going to make it available as an ebook. I’m going in.

I will give you some ‘sneak peeks’ in the form of excerpts and sample chapters soon, as well as a special offer for those of you who want to pre-order the book. But not until I at least can show you the cover, which is pending.

My brain is swimming with all the choices, all the decisions, all the offers from folks to project manage, print, design, market, and promote.  I’ve gotta chill out a bit. But in the meantime, please subscribe via email or RSS feed, and stay tuned. This channel will be back soon.