It Was There All Along

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On July 26, 2011, the unthinkable happened: I became the victim of a hit-and-run accident.

This was the first time I was involved in an accident where I was the driver. After 16 years of driving, it’s hard to believe, but it’s true. And I guess it was bound to happen, even though I wasn’t speeding and I wasn’t distracted. Someone hit my rear driver’s side, damaging it near the gas tank, bumper, and trunk while my daughter and I were on the way to the library, rode up to the red light, and took off after the light turned green. (There were lots of witnesses but the person was not caught.) We weren’t hurt, and the car didn’t look totalled to me. When the car was towed away after the accident, I didn’t know that I’d never drive it again.

I got a little emotional when I was notified and asked to clean out my car’s contents. After all, I’d put well over 150,000 miles on my girl Monica, my Mazda 6 (yes I name  my cars!) and she was as dependable as they come. Monica had been my faithful transportive vessel since the fall of ’04. Suddenly, I started seeing Mazda 6s EVERYWHERE.  Then when I got a rental, which was picked out for me–a Chevy HRC–I started seeing HRCs all over the place, too (and so did my daughter). And when I bought a new vehicle, a Nissan Murano, lo and behold–Muranos were coming out of the woodwork!

Where did all those cars come from? Did they suddenly just get on the road in the last weeks? Of course not. They were there all along, but I didn’t notice because I wasn’t focused on them. I may have seen them, but I wasn’t paying attention to them.

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This brings to mind a Bible story about the prophet Elisha in a story* where they were in Dothan, a city in Israel, which at the time was warring with Aram. As the scene is set, the Aramean army surrounded Elisha and his servant, and Elisha’s servant panicked because they looked like they were about to get killed. Elisha wasn’t worried though, because he could see the big picture. He said, “Those that are with us are more than those that are with them.”** Then he prayed that God will open the eyes of his servant that he might see–not with regular eyesight, but with discernment. God did just that, and the servant saw the whole mountainside covered with horses and chariots of fire, surrounding Elisha.

Their circumstances were not different in the physical realm, but there was much more there supporting them than there was against them.

The revelation here? It’s not so much that God is adding something as it is that he is revealing something. It’s like Him saying, “You already have everything you need… are you going to use what I have given you?”

So the next time you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I notice that before?” Realize that it was probably there all along, but you didn’t see it because you didn’t need it, you weren’t ready for it, or you weren’t truly focused on it.

Many thanks to Gerald Griffith, who contributed to this post’s content.

* 2 Kings 6:8-23 (key verse 16**)


5 thoughts on “It Was There All Along

  1. I name my cars too! Given all the money I have spent on my car it’s like a member of the family so she might as well have a name.
    Being a victim of a hit & run is awful, thankfully only Monica was hurt.
    What’s your Murano’s name?

  2. Daree, Im so glad that you & the baby is doing fine. I love Muranos and I have wanted one since they first came out. Thanks for the wise words, because they apply to all of us. Call once in a while, or let me know when you’re on “Tour” again. Take care,

    Your Friend,
    Bobby D!

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