“Unthinkable” Break-Ups

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See, we could act out like Will and Jada
Or like Kimora and Russell makin’ paper
All in the family like the Jacksons
And have enough kids to make a band like Joe and Katherine

She ain’t no different from me
And he ain’t no different from you
So we got to live our dreams
Like the people on TV

We gotta stay tuned
Cuz there’s more to see (Unbreakable)
Through the technical difficulties (Unbreakable)
We might have to take a break
But ya’ll know we’ll be back next week
Singing ‘This love is unbreakable’

–Alicia Keys, “Unbreakable”

Celebrity break-ups and separations are hardly news, but I thought there just *might* be something special about these couples of color that I’ve been rooting for ever since I first heard of them:


The latter news came as most shocking to me, and ironically, I learned of it during a collaborative brainstorming session for a book on failed Black marriages from the Black male perspective. In a nutshell, the Black American family has deteriorated so much in the past 50 years, and we’re suffering because of it. Divorce and baby mama/baby daddy titles are the norm for too many young people today. But I’ll talk more about that as the concept develops.

What are your thoughts on these most recent separation announcements?

2 thoughts on ““Unthinkable” Break-Ups

  1. “Poor” Will & Jada … the fate of the Black marriage rests on their shoulders. They are a rare married couple that seem to still truly enjoy each others company.
    I don’t know what would happen if they were to divorce. They are the benchmark for a successful marriage and if they can’t make it work, what hope do the rest of us have?

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