Still Missing Aaliyah

Today is the 10th anniversary of R&B singer Aaliyah Dana Houghton’s death (pronounced ah-LEE-yah). So many people have talked about the impact her death had on them. I mourned her quite a bit until the 9-11 attacks that followed a few weeks later took my attention.

The most disparaging thing I’ve ever read about her was with regard to her alleged marriage to singer R. Kelly. At the time she was 15 and he was 27, and sadly we know those weren’t the last allegations involving him with under-aged girls.

The most profound and reassuring mention of Aaliyah I ever read came from rapper Pepa (of Salt-N-Pepa), who wrote in her memoir about being a seer and having dreams about Aaliyah being at peace and wanting her loved ones to rest.

To us it may seem that she was gone too soon… the void of a lost loved one never leaves, but may peace abide in your hearts.

We still love and miss you, Aaliyah. (cue Jay-Z’s remix of “I Miss You“):

Now Star is mad I won’t grant him a interview
Now he’s dissing me cause he dissed you
Can you believe the nerve of this dude?
Cause of your memory I won’t bring it to pistols
But he got issues enough of that lame
I never seen pain like your parents pain
But I know God protecting you
You used to read Seed Of The soul I know God perfecting you
All the extra hues, the darker texture you are the more intellectual
You are so professional our little purple star
Too good for earth you are (I miss you)

*  *  *

I, can’t, breathe, no, more (We not remembering y’all death though!)
Since you went away (We celebrating your life)
I don’t really feel like talkin, don’t wanna hear you love me (Nah mean!)
Baby (Yes!) do you understand me (Yes!)(yes!)(yes!)
I can’t do a thing without you


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