Courage Under Fire, Over Fear

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If you don’t feel like reading this post, you can just listen.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ defines “courage” as:

the quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, or pain without fear; bravery

I don’t agree with that definition.

Courage does not necessarily mean that fear is absent in the one exhibiting it. It’s a determination to feel the fear and do it anyway–whatever it is.  In a recent Jet magazine article, author Maya Angelou likens the process of developing courage to exercising and strengthening a muscle: “I don’t believe anyone is born with courage. You develop it in small ways. Once you have a sense of your own value, your other strengths will ensue.”

You could come up a plan and make one small change at a time, one decision at a time. Or you could go cold turkey and cut something off all at once. Cut off a toxic relationship. Walk away from a situation that takes more from you than it gives.

I have several outlets reviewing my forthcoming book, and often, the responses I get are something along the lines of, “You talk about a lot of personal things in this book. I’ve learned a lot about you. You’re very brave to share like that.” Well, I know I’m brave, but it didn’t start with my book. It started here on this blog, where I don’t hesitate to pour out my heart and opinions on whatever I feel like sharing. I don’t see the point in oversharing, like talking about my bodily functions or my menu for the day, because who cares? But I share my heart to help unload issues that I believe many of us have in common.

You can strengthen your courage muscles little by little. Trump fear with courage. Feel the fear and do it anyway.

It’s nice to get supportive comments about my courage, but I want to be sure I’m encouraging YOU. So tell me how my messages (on this site or elsewhere)have helped you. Tell me what message you have read or heard from me on Daree’s Insights has helped you overcome a roadblock you were stuck with, make a hard decision, change your attitude or see something differently. Have you left a bad relationship or let go of a toxic friend? Did you resist peer pressure? Did you say no to someone who you were afraid to say no to? Have you moved on from a job that wasn’t fulfilling your purpose or passion? I’d love to hear from you.


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