Goal Call: ’11 Birthday Edition

Credit: Angela Bax

This month I’ve given myself permission to take a break from blogging for a bit because I was overwhelmed with all the social media “to-do” stuff (in preparing for my book launch in February). But birthdays always make me reflect so I knew this post wouldn’t be hard to write. I chuckled when I looked at my post from last year and decided to do a comparison along with my update.

The Top 5 “Ballsy” Things I Did This Year (in reverse chronological order)

Traded in my lovely SUV (that I only had for two months) for a car
Started dating for the first time in the “A”
Lost about 30 pounds in 5 weeks
Established Kharacter Distinction Books
Started two YouTube channels (its not easy to watch yourself on video)

The Top 5 Things I Learned This Year

How to two-strand twist my daughter’s hair– and mine.
Choreography to Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” (yes, 3 years later)
Hiring good help for your business is a trial-and-error process (I hope all my errors are behind me now).
It is easier–and emotionally healthier– to cut someone off than I ever thought possible.
When people can see your heart, they’ll support you.

From 2010, with commentary: The Top 6 Things I Want to Do Next Year (That I Haven’t Done)

Publish my book. (I’m about 80 days away!)
Build a minimum 6-month emergency fund. (The book publishing process wiped that out)
Get more paid writing and speaking gigs. (Not yet, but I hired a speaking coach to help me)
Join the NSA Academy. (Attended some NSA Georgia meetings but that’s all for now)
Attend a writer’s conference. (Not that interested in this these days)
Earn another Toastmasters award, and get closer to Distinguished Toastmaster (DTM).  (Not a high priority anymore, but I earned an ACS this year.)

Now: The Top 7 Things I Want to Do in 2012

Get back to the Y (I miss Turbokickboxing)
Become fluent in [Latin American] Spanish (I plan on starting a foreign language certificate program at Emory University next semester).
Learn a new graphic design package (maybe InDesign or Photoshop CS) and/or video editing skills.
Expand my business out of my comfort zone by partnering with complementary youth and Christian organizations.
Speak at more conferences and presenting to more organizations across the Mid-atlantic and Southeast regions.
Publish my first book, companion journal, Cds, ebooks, etc.
Finish writing my second book.

5 Things I’m Going to Keep Doing in 2012

Line dances.
Dating/courting only those worthy of my time (not settling).
Encouraging girls and young women to accept and love themselves.
Being a great example to my daughter.
Making my family and God proud of me.

How are you feeling about your 2011? What changes do you plan to make?


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