I’m Having Twins!

I’ve been waiting for February 2012 for a long time, and now it’s here.

For over 2 years, I’ve mentioned my book project to people and many of them referred to it as my baby, as in, “Your book is your baby!” So using that metaphor, after having been pregnant for a loooong time I can announce that this month, I’m having twins!


Last fall I decided that I wanted to create a separate workbook to go with the book What’s Wrong With Me?, and I’m calling it the Reflections Journal. It’s only half the size of the book, but offers food for thought to help readers reflect on the concepts presented in the book. And upon presenting an advance copy at a women’s gathering this past weekend, I received feedback that the journal a) can standalone, even without having read the book, and b) is relevant and marketable to grown women as well as teenagers. Fabulous!

I don’t have any particular milestones or special dates in February from years past, but this month promises to change all of that:

– Official book launch on February 14

– Book launch weekend (2 events) on February 18 and 19

– Continued coverage on my blog tour (through March 1)

– Several appearances on live radio, internet radio, and other area events

Best of all, I can put all the trying experiences and growing pains from starting my publishing company last year to work with my new client for Kharacter Distinction Books!

Here’s to new beginnings, changed lives for the better, and self-love.


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