Stressful: Highs and Lows in August ’12

I’ve mentioned my life-long practice of journaling many times and created one of my own. I came across life coach Rosetta’s post (on The Happy Black Woman blog) about how she does her monthly reviews. I decided that before the first week of September was over, I would reflect on my life in August and write a post about it.

How would I describe my life in August 2012 in one word? Stressful. (I wrote a full entry in my journal that mentions a lot more stressful things than I’m willing to write in this post, but trust me, I’m happy to see September.)

Moving on Up and Going Out

I moved into a new home and took a mini-vacation.

Technically the moving part was in July, but as of August 1, I had been in the house for 3 days so I’m counting it here. As with any move, it takes time to get settled, get repairs and utilities in working order, and establish routines from the new location.  I spent a weekend Savannah, GA perusing the tourist area around historic River St. and visited Tybee Island, Paula Deen’s restaurant Lady & Sons, and the highlight was a last-minute idea to her brother’s restaurant, Uncle Bubba’s. I will be back!

I Lightened Up

I performed in a local improv comedy show for the first time. Why improv?
Professional speakers Steve Berkun (author of Confessions of a Public Speaker) and Darren LaCroix have touted using improvisational techniques as a way to incorporate spontaneity and flexibility while doing public speaking. As a youth speaker, I have to not only educate and give information in a somewhat entertaining manner, but I don’t think of myself as being terribly humorous. The improv class proved to be a fun way to loosen up, trust myself onstage, and gain more self-confidence in extemporaneous speaking situations.

Make New Friends…

I took the initiative to join a small group Bible study that happens to made up of single mothers like myself. The host of the Bible study literally lives around the corner from me, and both she and I have only one child, each of which are girls of the same age. Another bonus is that I met two neighbors who are both married couples with only one child (each a girl)!

But Keep the Old

I saw my old BFF for the first time since 1998, when she got married. At that time, we were both young and childless, but since then, she has gone on to raise 4 sons, become the First Lady of her church at a young age, and as of this summer, is a new gospel recording artist. She has not changed her sweet, fun personality, and I am so proud of her.

Lessons Learned

There were many other things that happened in my personal and professional life that are TMI so this list doesn’t exactly match what I wrote above. Nevertheless, the valuable lessons from August 2012 were:

  • No matter what business advice others give you, don’t continually do anything that causes you to waste time or lose sleep. Trust your spirit and intuition–they won’t let you down.
  • Be proactive with making things happen. Don’t depend on people who say your project is a priority but then do nothing to help you move it forward.
  • Nurture your friendships. I had time to myself this summer, but I neglected to do much with social life. Time flies by, so when you think of someone, don’t go too long without telling them so.

Coming Up Next (i.e., What I Need to Do This Month)


I have two speaking engagements this week (one took place already and one is coming up in a few days).

I have some audio and video content that I need to have edited and published. Since this media work is not my specialty, I’ve procrastinated as long as I can, and even waited for someone else much more talented in that area to help me, but that person didn’t make the magic happen.

I contacted some experts for a couple of projects I’m working on, one of which is a book from the perspective of single Black fathers, and the other having to do with media influence and effect on youth’s self-esteem. If you’re interested in contributing, leave a comment below and I will contact you with details.


My sister is coming to visit, and we will be taking a road trip.

I will start attending rehearsals with my daughter this weekend so that we can take part in a flash mob in October. I’ve always wanted to do that!

I’ve got my hands full. Stay tuned…

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