Emotional Transitions: My Life in September 2012

I had to use two words to describe my life in September. It was very emotional, and I’m still going through a personal transition. There’s nothing like big shifts to change your life. Ready or not, here we go.

The “Pseudo”-Breakup

My love stopped speaking to me for two weeks, which I considered a breakup. On the way to Memphis (see “Walking in Memphis” below), I was shocked to get a text from him asking what I was up to. When I returned home from the trip, he finally called me, we argued and sort of made up. Then a week later, I shut it down.*

The Long Overdue Make-up

My father stopped speaking to me 6 months ago, but we have made up. He and I have never been through that before, because of AND despite all the things I mentioned in my first book. And that’s the thing that set him off.*

Walking in Memphis

I crossed something off of my bucket list when I visited the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. I also visited a few other places, but unfortunately, it was just one day.*

My Mommy Said…

I’m still navigating the sometimes touchy conflicts between myself and my daughter’s friends’ mothers.* Everyone has different parenting styles but you can’t help but be upset when another child makes your child upset.*

Goal-Getters Keep Pushing

Source: Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me

I began working the “Push” goal process and set up my calendar for the next 12 months based on 10 goals, including my “Push” goal.*

Things That Bring Me Joy

The flash mob that I mentioned in my August recap was postponed to I-don’t-know-when, so rehearsals have been cancelled. From the few rehearsals I attended, one thing I know for sure is that whenever I dance, I can feel my joy rising.

Book Stuff

I spoke as part of the Emerging Writers at the Decatur Book festival during Labor Day weekend. Also, as independent author and publisher and member of the Independent Book Publisher Association (IBPA), I decided to submit my book to the IBPA awards. I’m also continuing to work on two ebooks for the spring and summer of 2013. (See “What’s Next” below.)

Made the 5% Club

Source: From Fat to Figure

I achieved the first Weight Watchers goal, which is losing 5% of your body weight from when you began the program.*

Lost Art

I spoke at two conferences; one locally (in Atlanta) and one in San Diego. I love to speak, and the presentations went very well, but I was devastated to lose my thumb drive with my life on it!

Presenters for the San Diego conference were instructed to bring a thumb drive with their presentations, so I did. I used it in the laptop that was set up in the conference room, and since I was the first of two presenters, I minimized my slides and let the second person speak. This session ended at 5:30 pm, and I was tired and distracted by people who talked to me afterward which (is normal, but) it made me overlook the fact that my thumb drive was still in the laptop when I left. Oh yeah, and my flight home to the East coast was at 7 am the next day. No one—not the next day’s presenters, not lost and found, not the A/V people–no one seemed to see or return my invaluable asset.

I only backed up some of my files on my hard drive, for whatever reason. So over one years’ worth of work – my typeset source files (not the original Word files) are probably gone forever. My graphic artists sent me links for the files when they were finished last Fall, but those links expire in 90 days, and I didn’t have good experiences with either of them, I don’t plan on asking them to re-send the files. (I’ll recount some of the speech content, my reflections, and the audio of the speeches in a future post.)

What’s Next?

I’m going to be patient with myself as I navigate my next steps.

De-cluttering my space: I actually scheduled an hour a day for most of this month to read (or finish reading) magazines that I didn’t finish before I moved 2 months ago. I always feel better without papers and stuff everywhere, but I’m in a smaller space and just don’t have “homes” to put everything away just yet.

Working on not 1, but 2 ebooks: I’ve mentioned my in-progress project about relationships from the perspective of Black single fathers, and also, I’m interviewing media literacy educators and experts on the effects of media influence on youth’s self-esteem.

Researching how to create a curriculum: I’m taking a curriculum writing class for educators starting in mid-October at Kennesaw State University. I have something up my sleeve for next year, and I have to PUSH to get it. 🙂

*There is so much to more I have to say on the subjects starred above that I will write a separate post about them sometime this month. Subscribe to this blog so you don’t miss it!