Joy Rising in Dance

As a child, there were many things I wanted to do. I loved to write, which I still do obviously, but the one thing that captured me as a child was dancing and learning the moves in my favorite music videos. I wanted to be a video girl.  I thought about doing choreography briefly, but I don’t really enjoy making up dance routines–just learning them. Paula and Janet (above) were my faves.

Of course back then I didn’t know the shady side of being a video girl (or a video “vixen” like Karrine Steffans or Melyssa Ford). I was just having fun. I also didn’t understand the damaging effects of seeing scantily clad women baring too much cleavage and shaking their butts all the time. There is just something about it–a high that I get from synchronized dancing with others. I don’t look like a dancer nor have the textbook dancer’s body, but neither does Debbie Allen (no relation to me, I think).

Present day, I could see myself performing with the likes of J. Lo, Janet, Beyonce, or Aaliyah (if she was still living). I’d want to dance behind a female artist only because it’s less likely that I’d be required to simulate a sexual posture with a female performer (I’m heterosexual and I ain’t curious. That’s why I left Lady Gaga and Madonna off the list, even though their dancers are absolutely fierce.)

Source: Makoodle

I realized the euphoric feeling of joy rising in dance was still alive in me when I started rehearsals for a flash mob dance recently.  I also get to re-live moments like these with my daughter when we play Wii games like Just Dance or The Michael Jackson Experience. She always joins me if we’re at a cookout and a line dance song like Cupid Shuffle or Wobble is played.  I even do the Great Day dance  on occasion when she watches The Fresh Beat Band.

This post was inspired by two blogging prompts for #NaBloPoMo: If you could have any job (and instantly have the training and qualifications to do it), which job would you want?  and #22 What’s your dream job?
I just started reading John C. Maxwell’s book Put Your Dream to the Test, which covers 10 questions to identify and pursue your dream. I’ll post a review sometime next month–once #NaBloPoMo is over.

So what’s your dream job?


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