If I Could Change Anything…

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If you could change one thing about your life right now, what would it be?  That’s today’s question for #NaBloPoMo.

Truthfully? I’d be in a mutually beneficial relationship. I miss that. I’m used to solo holiday seasons but I’d love a change. I met my last love interest just living my own life and literally minding my own business. I don’t want to go to “singles” events with the specific purpose of looking for love.

I’m considering just putting my wish “on the altar” and call it a sacrifice until my daughter gets older. I know of single mothers who have consciously decided to stop dating while they’re raising their kids, and I always thought of that as a big sacrifice to make  (when all else is taken care of at home). My last breakup helped me realize that I should pour all my love into my daughter, so I think I got one step closer to making that decision. I’ve got so much going on that realistically I probably don’t have the time to devote to a new person right now anyway. So ideally, I’d be in a long-term committed relationship year-round– but “on the real,” I’m going to continue making all my other PUSH goals happen instead.

If I could change the way I live my life today
I wouldn’t change a single thing
‘Cause if I changed my world into another place
I wouldn’t see your smiling face

– Lisa Stansfield, “Change” (1991)


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