Thanks-and-Giving: She Calls Me Everyday

Source: Big Fish Yoga


For the past 8 months, my mother has called me almost every day to make sure I’m ok. It all started when I experienced my daughter’s explosive fits of rage last spring and was desperate for advice (my parents were able to keep me in line much better than I can do now single-handedly). I appreciate my hearing my mother’s soothing voice and her patient, listening ear. She is a natural exhorter, and even when she doesn’t have the answers, she always has an encouraging spirit. There’s no one else in my family like her.

…and Giving

You would think that in this circumstance, I am the only one reaping a benefit, but my mother enlightened me: We lived together as adults (us, my daughter and sister) for four years, starting when my ex-husband and I separated. After those four years together, they moved out and I stayed in my house with my daughter for two more years before relocating down South. She misses us a lot and enjoys hearing my voice. The calls help us stay close.

You never know how you might be helping someone who is helping you.