Happiness is in the Process–Not in the Results

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It’s been almost two years since I went to L.A. and attended an event where Russell Simmons was interviewed and then conducted a book signing for his latest book, Super Rich.

I just started and finished the book this month. Awesome!

As usual, I want to share some of the points in the book that I will use. I won’t try to explain them all, even though there is much context surrounding everything listed here. (My personal comments on this list are in brackets.)

  • Stop looking for money all the time, and give your gift away. When you do this, people will see your value and opportunities (some paid) will begin to chase you. [I see the pros and cons of this. Sometimes I feel like no one wants to pay me!]
    • Sit in silence for 20 minutes a day, minimum. And if you don’t think have time to sit and be still, you need to do this for about 2 hours instead of 20 minutes. [Simmons mentioned that he did drugs for awhile before turning to meditation. He said drug addicts are always trying to reach the same high they reached their first time, but they can’t. It’s not sustainable. Conversely, he said the stillness and happy feelings he gets from daily meditation are sustainable, unlike drugs.]

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    • Only do s— you care about. [If you’re heart’s not in it, move on to another endeavor better suited for you.]
    • What you do for others will happen for you. [It’s the universal law of sowing and reaping.]
    • Yoga is a way to find faith and freedom. [He spent some time discussing transcendental meditation (TM), which is a form of mantra meditation that he highly advocates.]
    • Let go of the results. It’s not up to you what happens after you’ve done your work. You’re not responsible for all of that.
    • Happiness is in the process–not in the results. [This was really enlightening to me, the goal-getter. It’s easy to feel like you’ve fallen short when you have high expectations of achieving a goal and measuring its results.]

Find happiness in the processMany of these things have been suggested to me in the past, but I never took heed before. So I started today with one thing: I attended my first 1-hour hatha yoga class. I felt relaxed, comfortable, and safe. The bonus was that the instructor is a woman who I see every week in TurboKick!  I’ve got to have balance– the kickboxing is great for releasing energy and having a good time, but the yoga poses, soft encouraging words of imagery and light music (like you would hear in a massage parlor) were a nice change. Very soothing and well overdue.

As a Christian, the one philosophy of his that I don’t agree with is that there are many paths to heaven and salvation. To me, Jesus is not comparable to Buddha or any prophets you can think of. I believe that Jesus is the only way to have eternal life, as stated in John 14:6. I also don’t believe that the Koran or any other “holy book” is equal to the Bible. However, in cases where Simmons lumped all these ideologies together and said they were basically the same, it didn’t turn me off. It didn’t take away from his point.

Simmons’ overarching message is that of ultimate enlightenment; living your life in a conscious state of mind, being present in every moment (feelings and sensations of every situation), and doing whatever you do to and for others with love in your heart.


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