So Many Books, So Little Time

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My relaxing bedtime routine includes a book (or occasionally a magazine). Recently I’ve been getting audiobooks from the library and I love them!  It makes the most of my time in the car every day, and definitely for this holiday road trip I’m taking this week.

As a girl I always loved going to the library. I used to read new books every week, I went through them so fast, and the escapism it gave me was much less damaging than any drug. Not to mention a loneliness cure.

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It’s a sad time when I near the end of a good book. Thank God there’s so many of them.

My favorite types of books these days are nonfiction (how-to, self-help, biographies and memoirs). I’ve always been a bookworm, but until age 22 or so, I read mostly fiction. I like authors like the late Bebe Moore Campbell and E. Lynn Harris, as well as Benilde Little, Pearl Cleage, Omar Tyree, Eric Jerome Dickey, and of course, Terry McMillan. My favorite author that I’ve met is New York Times bestselling author Denene Millner.

I think I’ve gotten away from fiction because I started thinking that stories about friends and lovers and gangstas was not uplifting and not a valuable use of my time, especially since there’s so many books I want to read (and write). But now I don’t think it’s any worse than watching TV or movies. With books, you get to fill in the blanks with your own imagination. That’s why people are usually a little disappointed whenever a book is adapted for film–it’s not the way THEY saw it.

I guess I’m gonna have to pull my list out and load up my Kindle with what I’ve been missing.

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This post was inspired by today’s question for #NaBloPoMo: Where is your favorite place to read?


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