Goal Call: ’12 Birthday Edition

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…and another reason to be thankful.

How fitting that prompt #23 (love that number!) for personal branding at TheBloggingSchool during #NaBloPoMo  is Write about your latest accomplishment. In this birthday recap/annual review, I will mention quite a few of those!  I had so many proud, fun moments in the year of 35.

New Author Stuff

I did a lot of “author stuff” with both of my What’s Wrong With Me? books this year:

Successfully completed and launched two books on Valentine’s Day

Conducted a book blog tour from January to March

Won 2 honorable mentions in book awards

Speaking Stuff

After being a member for nearly 4 years, I let go of Toastmasters. No hard feelings; it was just time for me to move on.

Launched my re-branded website after several roadblocks along the way.

Started my newsletter to build my platform and help others keep up with me that say, “Let me know when you’re speaking again!

Chris Pearman, Mel Jackson and I answer students’ questions

Spoke to youth at several locations in Atlanta, including a book festival, and an event where I shared a school stage with actress Raven-Symone’s father, author Chris Pearman, and actor Mel Jackson.

I just (this week) completed ecourse about writing curriculum, which I hope will serve me well as I get ready to begin homeschooling my daughter and further developing my program for media literacy education.

I got speaker coaching from 2 new sources. One told me that no matter where I’m speaking, my message is mine alone, even if I think it’s similar to others:  “Put your spin on it and only do things that maximize you.”  My other coach wasn’t having my attitude when I told him I didn’t think an opportunity existed in a particular area: “Drop the defeatist attitude and find a way to put your brand fit the requirements of a project.

The highlight: I finally have a demo video of my speech!

Personal Stuff

Traveled to many places to speak, attend conferences, see historical sites or just visit folks: Las Vegas, San Diego, San Jose, Boca Raton, Memphis and Norfolk

Joined Weight Watchers and lost almost 20 pounds in past 5 months

Got a new vehicle (I wanted another crossover) without sacrificing fuel economy, style, or my budget. I got a red Nissan Rogue and I really like it.

Had a relationship lasting most of the year (for the first time in many years)

Moved back into a house (no plans to become a homeowner again– the first 3 taught me a lot but I got in trouble

Completed 200 posts on this blog (getting unstuck was my 200th insight!)


I conquered publishing two books and released them on the same day. I learned more about book promotion but no longer overwhelmed because I don’t closely follow all the emails, webinars and author events like I used to. I pick and choose where to network and whose vendor invitations I accept.

I spent more than half of this year in a relationship, which was unexpected but taught me a lot about what I wanted, and more importantly, what I needed. If my self-esteem were lower than it is, or if I were still codependent like I was in my former marriage, I would still be in that relationship right now. I’m taking an indefinite break from dating while I just “do me” for a while.

Of all of the fruit of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, self-control), patience is my weakest fruit. Now, I’m a more patient parent than I’ve ever been in the past 9 years. I see that as children grow, regardless of their gender, challenges don’t go away, they just change. But the increased bonding and closeness that I share with my daughter is at its best ever.

My health has improved because I am conscious and mindful of everything I put into my mouth. Last year my daughter went to a school that had a grocery store and two fast food restaurants all within in the same parking lot (a shopping plaza). She wasn’t shy about asking me to get her fast food DAILY. I do have some self-control, but that urging is hard to resist if you have a portfolio of coupons (I like couponing and made a friend in a parking lot when she saw my coupon book). Also, I didn’t plan my meals or cook whole foods then like I do since joining. I noticed that when my daughter went away for the summer, I was less tempted to eat fast food all the time. No one was in my ear begging me to go!


From 2011, with commentary:

The Top 7 Things I Wanted to Do in 2012

1. Get back to the Y (I miss Turbo kickboxing) – (Done!)
2. Become fluent in [Latin American] Spanish (I took one class, but I’m not fluent).
3. Learn a new graphic design package (maybe InDesign or Photoshop CS) and/or video editing skills. (I still want to do this, but the need isn’t that strong at the moment.)
4. Expand my business out of my comfort zone by partnering with complementary youth and Christian organizations. (I’ve worked with some this year, but would like to create my own event next year.)
5. Speak at more conferences and presenting to more organizations across the Mid-atlantic and Southeast regions. (Yep, done that, and will continue.)
6. Publish my first book, companion journal, Cds, ebooks, etc. (Published two books, one of them also an ebook.)
7. Finish writing my second book.  – DONE  (The next is actually going to be my third, and I’m putting the finishing touches on it now!)

8 Things I Want to Do in 2013

Aside from my list of 10 PUSH goals that I want to achieve by next Fall, here are a few that I haven’t mentioned before:

1. Publish my next book about single fathers
2. TurboKick PRO training (I don’t want to be instructor, but I want to perfect my moves and get access to the great resources that come with PRO and Instructor training)
3. Visit Hawaii, Puerto Rico or another really beautiful place I’ve never been to. Preferably I can combine it with a speaking engagement. (#taxwriteoff)
4. Achieve Lifetime membership in WW and maintain my goal weight within a few pounds.
5. Homeschool my daughter. She deserves better than she’s gotten in the first semester of 4th grade, and her little mind is precious.

5 Things I’m Going to Keep Doing in 2013

  1. The unbeatable combo of proper nutrition, cardio and weight training.
  2. Nurturing my daughter and staying close to her.
  3. Speaking to girls and young women about media influence and body image so they will accept and love themselves.
  4. Journaling and writing this blog.
  5. Making God, me and my family and God proud. *beam*

Room for Improvement

Although the only debt I have is from my new vehicle loan, I have to step up my finances. My budgeting skills are just so-so right now. One of my PUSH goals is to accumulate a specific amount in my savings account, as I wiped out a considerable amount of money independently publishing my first two books.   I’ve got to set up automatic transfers on my pay days or it’s just never going to happen.

How has your 2012 been? What changes do you plan to make in these final 5 weeks of the year?

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