Hablo Castellano Un Poco

If you could instantly know any language in the world, which one would it be? That’s today’s question for #NaBloPoMo
Spanish! But I only speak a little Spanish.


In high school, I learned Latin, but I never used it for anything. Then last fall, I systematically borrowed a 10-CD set from the library to learn Spanish (it based on Castilian Spanish,) and I did well.  It was a self-paced “course” where you listened to the narrator in English, a native speaker of Spanish, and then you repeated what they said. There was also a companion booklet so you can see how the words are spelled and where the accent marks are supposed to be stressed or enunciated. Very effective.

I also took a beginner’s Spanish class at a local college last Spring that taught not only Spanish vocabulary but also the rules of Spanish grammar. I still have the like-new textbook and may go back for the next course (or repeat the one I took.) The reason I still don’t know it? Although I live in an area that has many Hispanic families, I don’t interact with native Spanish speakers long enough to make my knowledge of the language stick. I can’t apply what I’ve learned, although I’d love to. The same thing happened to me years ago when I started learning sign language. If you’re not immersed in the culture of the language, it’s easy to lose it.