Tell us about the worst trip you ever took. That’s today’s writing prompt for #NaBloPoMo I’m going to tell you about two interesting trips.

Back and Forth

4 years ago, I did merchandising part-time for a company headquartered in Pleasanton, CA. I would set up and rearrange displays of clothing in various department stores and also do work assessing particular brands in retail chains. I think I was with them for a year or so before I quit.

Living on the east coast, it’s a long trip to Cali. During the first summer as an employee, we were required to attend a mandatory training at their offices, and for me, it was only one day. They arranged my flight and hotel, but everything happened in ONE DAY:

  • I got up at 4 or 5 in the morning to take a flight that left before 7 am EST.
  • Changed planes somewhere in the midwest, and arrived at the Orange County airport around 11 am PST.
  • Met with others who were taking flights from other points throughout the country, and we were shuttled together to the office.
  • Ate lunch, ice breakers, training until 5 pm EST (at this point I was DYING to get some rest).
  • Mandatory dinner at Dave & Busters until 9 pm PST. (Insert shriek of exhaustion here).
  • Wake up at 5 am PST to fly back east, change planes…

Although the company paid for everything, that Cali trip was probably the worst (and I fly west at least once a year by choice). I was left so exhausted! Had a manager who lived in the East conducted a training for us in closer proximity, my body would not have suffered so much.

What Time is It?

Source: Culips

My longest road trip was about 10+ hours, from the suburban DC area (PG County, MD) to Indianapolis, IN for a mystery shopping conference (go ahead–you can laugh).

I drove though PA, WV, and OH with my sister (who was an adult, but didn’t have her driver’s license yet) and my infant daughter in her rear-facing car seat. This trip was not bad, and my baby was fine, but horror struck me when I arrived in IN because I realized, after driving for 10 hours through the country, that I left something very important at home.

All my clothes for the conference-appropriate attire–everything–was still sitting on my bed in Maryland!

I had a cell phone and figured I had about 1 hour before typical malls would close, because it was about 8 pm-ish. Or was it?

I stopped in a restaurant and asked them to confirm the time, since I had driven through a few time zones. (Back then, I had Sprint, and my cell did not automatically update unless I turned it off and then back on.)

They gave me the time, which I believe was 7-ish, not 8-ish. You see, Indianapolis is in the part of the Indiana that does not observe daylight savings time. So for 6 months of the year, they follow Mountain time, and 6 months of the year they match Central time.

I was so grateful!

Now I will still drive that distance, but not in the same day. My max per day is 8 hours. I don’t play with my limit because the safety and well being of my daughter and me, as well as those around me, is too precious to play with.


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  1. Wow that trip to CA sounds like a nightmare to me as I would have been dead on my feet. Not like you can learn or really be on your game when you are that tired. Sounds like you have a great game plan for driving meetings. I am on the East Coast and it made me tired thinking of your meeting.

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