The End of NaBloPoMo… How Did I Do?

Here’s something rare from me: A short but sweet post.

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My favorite month of the year is just about over. What has been the hardest part about blogging daily? That’s the final question for #NaBloPoMo.

I like to write things of some substance– even if I’m just journaling about personal things– and not just commenting on what others are talking about.  I don’t like the pressure of trying to come up with something to talk about every day, and blog about it, so the writing prompts were somewhat helpful, although random.  I’ve also tried making an editorial calendar to plan all types of writing, including my newsletter (sign up here), and learning about web traffic and the best times to post to your blog (see below), but I don’t always know what to say and my content doesn’t always feel organic. When a topic is on my mind and it’s right, I will start off with a few sentences, and then find myself thinking about more to say throughout the day, to the point where I have to make voice notes in an app or on a scrap of paper nearby before I lose those thoughts.

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Taking the NaBloPoMo challenge wasn’t that bad. I missed a few days, but hey, nobody’s perfect. (How many people doing NaNoWriMo will finish even one full draft of their novel today? I’m just sayin’.) I’m grateful to gain so many new subscribers that have come as a result of NaBloPoMo and referrals from other personal development bloggers, as well as those who have been with me all year long.

With all that said, don’t hold it against me if I get a little quiet during the holidays. I’ll be working on my pet projects, being a mom, losing more weight, and living my life… which should give me plenty to talk about next time!


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