A New 360-Degree Focus

This week Weight Watchers unveiled their new program, Weight Watchers 360. It seems to be an addition–not a replacement–to the PointsPlus program they launched two years ago.

I love the name. 360 implies that your incorporating healthy habits into your life. Losing wait and living healthier does not be getting and with the way to you eat. It begins with your mindset. The three foci (plural for focus) are tracking (not new), spaces, and routines. It suggests ways to help you develop habits that will help you be more productive and successful (with ANY type of goal)) ).

ww_spacesTracking is important because if you don’t pay attention to what your dietary intake, you’re bound to ignore negative eating habits. Some WW members hate this part of the program, but I am naturally detail-oriented and think tracking is a major key to success on the program.

Spaces are important because if you have an environment that is set up with temptation, you’re more apt to fail. (Check your fridge and cupboards.) You can’t eat junk food if you don’t buy it and it’s inaccessible.

ww_routinesRoutines are important because routines establish our normal “order of business” and habits in our lives. Productive, positive routines (in the case of health–things like packing snacks or meals when you’re on the go) help spur you on to success.

Your mindset determines your habits and behaviors. If you change your mindset, thoughts and attitude, you can change your behaviors, and you will change your life.