Still Here

The holiday season is a time when a lot of people can easily become depressed.  Some are having sadness as we remember their loved ones who have passed.  Some just feel especially lonely because they don’t live near their family.
Yesterday I got a call from a client of mine who had to cancel our appointment because his mother’s going to the hospital. I’ve been there. 12 years ago my mother went to the hospital for what was supposed to be a regular checkup. She had nothing with her but the clothes on her bag in a purse with money so she could go Christmas shopping afterward. But after she took a stress test, a hole in her heart was detected and she was admitted immediately. Unbeknownst to her, the hole in her heart was present at birth, and it got bigger and bigger over the course of 4 decades. A man named Dr. Love performed open heart surgery on her. For the first time in my life I saw my then-husband cry. My mother was like his mother. Thank God, she was able to come home on Christmas Eve, and she is still here. We are forever grateful to God and Love for it.

I know quite a few people who have recently lost their parents, Nanas and friends. I know it’s hard. A year ago, one of my favorite aunts was in a coma. This year I lost one of my friends who was just 30 years old. One of my best friends lost her father this year, and another best friend of mine’s husband had a heart attack–also in his 30s. Still another friend of mine has a little baby in the hospital right now who just had heart surgery.

Hold on. Your test is going to become your testimony and it’s going to help somebody else… most likely someone  you haven’t even met yet.

It's just the dark before the morning.

We all know that this life is temporary. Let’s focus on the things that matter. Make memories that will last. Tell the people that you care about how you feel about them. Now.

The spirit of your loved ones is still here, and so are you. Hold on.