Fasting for Change

I’ve been doing well on Weight Watchers (WW) for the past 6 months, and reached my 10% goal last week. However, it’s time for me to go deeper.

Clean Eats

I’m going to do better!

I don’t need to fool around with new goal-setting or resolutions– I’ve discussed my goals throughout this blog and recapped my accomplishments for the past year.  But I have decided to do a self-imposed clean eating challenge during January 2013.   As Jillian Michaels put it in her book Master Your Metabolism, if it didn’t have a mother or grow from the ground, it’s probably not good for you (my paraphrase). Cheap food definitely has consequences as a regular part of your diet.  And the fact that the WW program doesn’t make any food off limits can be a blessing and a curse:

  • WW primarily evaluates the Nutrition Facts on labeled foods to determine its points value — not the food’s actual ingredients
  • WW doesn’t reward you for eating clean unless you select certain fruits and vegetables or “power foods” (some of these are 0 points)
  • WW assigns higher points to foods that are full-fat (that is, more of your daily allowed points are used for eating full-fat, regular foods than low-fat or fat-free items, which almost always have chemicals and other unhealthy additives)

I don’t think I’m going to be able to realistically eat clean 100% of the time, and my daughter certainly won’t.  But over time, a few changes here, a few new habits there, and we can definitely improve our diet from what it has been and make it a part of our lifestyle. I like to think that I have only lived 1/3 of my life so far, so my best days are ahead and I want to be able to enjoy them.

Media Diet

Each January, my church participates in a 21-day fast.  Each member decides whether and what they will fast from for this time period, whether it’s just food for certain hours of the day, candy, social media or reality TV–whatever vice you are led to lay aside for 3 weeks to reconnect with God and seek His direction for the new year.

For me, the 2013 fast is going to start with a 3-day detox cleanse that Dr. Oz discussed on his show in November 2012. Then I will have a combination of eating clean for one meal a day, water and fruit/veg smoothies for the majority of the day (for nutrients and hydration), my regular fitness routine, a break from mindless TV, social media and magazines, and popular music. Emphasis is on drawing nearer to God and seeking clarity on my PUSH goals that I set in the fall, my current book project, and my newest endeavor with homeschooling my daughter. I am expecting my mind, spirit, and body to change like never before.

Happy New Year!

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