The One Thing People Always Ask Me


Have you ever gone to an event or gathering where the host asks everyone to introduce themselves and include a unique fact? I always feel a little stumped with that question. A lot of us have a hard time talking about ourselves when put on the spot like that.

I don’t think of myself or my day-to-day life as totally boring, but not terribly interesting either. I guess it’s all subjective because you’re with yourself all the time. What is interesting to one person may be rather ordinary to another. In any case, over the years sometimes I have gotten through this question by talking about my fingers and toes.

I was born with two toes webbed together on my left foot, and an extra “digit” on the side of both of my pinky fingers. (My daughter was born with the latter as well.) At age 4, I had surgery to separate the toes. My left pinky toe has a tiny abnormal toenail that looks a bit strange, and there is a bump on each of my pinky fingers where the extra “growth” was tied off. Usually no one ever really notices these things unless I point them out or I’m getting a pedicure.


Wow, Look at Your Nails!!!

Source: Makeup Withdrawal
Source: Makeup Withdrawal

My fingernails however, are a different story. It seems like everyone notices my hands because my fingernails have always been long since I stopped biting them in Kindergarten. The top questions I get asked about my nails from males and females alike  is:

OMG are those your real nails? Let me see!!

I don’t polish them so it’s obvious that they are my natural nails.

How do you get them to grow so long?
I don’t do anything to my nails except file them back into shape if they break or crack. I VERY rarely polish them.

Why are your nails so long on *this* hand? [Sometimes followed by a comment like,] You must not do any real work/manual labor.

My right hand is my dominant hand, so the nails on that hand break more often. I don’t try to keep all my nails even because I don’t care about that. Thus both of my pinkies are almost always my longest nails. As a writer I type every day and a pretty fast rate;  I  did merchandising work in stores with tools for a few years before I relocated. I also clean my house and do all the normal things people do without a problem.

How do you clean yourself?

Oh yes, I’ve gotten this one a few times as well, despite looking groomed and not having anything dark under my nails. My personal hygiene is just fine and I clean myself probably as normally and regularly as everyone else. Remember, my dominant hand has shorter nails. I can wipe my butt just like everybody else with no problem, thank you very much–and I used to be a CNA (certified nursing assistant), so I did the same for several patients. (That usually shuts people up.)


What kind of questions do you get asked most often? Does it bother you to keep answering that question or do you take it in stride?


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