Single But Not Sad: It’s My Anniversary!

vwwomenhealthyheart_360_475I know quite a few people who have gotten married on Valentine’s Day and are celebrating their anniversaries to this day.  I’ve spent many Valentine’s Days as a single woman, but it doesn’t get me down–especially since I chose it to be the birthday of my “twins” last year.

Hard to believe, but it’s been one amazing year since my “What’s Wrong With Me?” book series launched, and I’m so happy about all your feedback and support.  I chose to launch on Valentine’s Day because the theme of my book is self-love and a personal relationship with God. I believe that if girls and women would learn what self-love looks like and strive for wholeness in themselves and their Creator BEFORE linking up with a mate, they’ll make better choices. There are many other reasons that I wrote the book, and one of them is to have something available when I speak.

I am always looking for new opportunities as a motivational youth speaker. I offer programs and workshops about self-esteem, journaling and media literacy for tween/teen girls ages 12-19.  I continue seeking to build my clientele with referrals from my circle of trusted friends, family and colleagues. Please keep me in mind DA_GirlsLockin-backand let me know if you or anyone in your network would be interested in my products and services. I am offering a discount for new clients/customers who book me between now and March 30, 2013!

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A final word for my single readers who are feeling “some kind of way” about Valentine’s Day: