Changing Your Story Will Change Your Life

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I was mesmerized when I saw the Oprah Lifeclass episode where Iyanla VanZant talked about how so many people are stuck in their stories. The elements of your story can be true without you marrying yourself to it or using the story as an excuse to not progress in areas of your life. I hear this all the time as related to what an ex-partner or parent did to someone in the past. Instead of using those painful experiences as teachable lessons and moving on, they remain stuck in them and use them as an excuse to treat others badly, or to not love or not help others.

I like the way that leadership expert Michael Hyatt describes how you can change your story:

  1. Write down negative affirmations.
  2. Evaluate whether this affirmation empowers you.
  3. Write down the truth. Reframe the story.
  4. Start telling a new story.

In my youth workshop, one of the things I talk about is the power of affirmations.  At church I hear this referred to as “confessions.” Whether you write your own positive affirmations or speak God’s Word out loud, you need to get the right thoughts into your spirit so that you will say the right things. Everything we say and do begins with a thought or belief (which may be unconscious).

What are some things you need to get unstuck from?


6 thoughts on “Changing Your Story Will Change Your Life

  1. Affirmations can be powerful. When I hear a negative affirmation in my head I have learned to ask – whose voice and I hearing? Do I have to attend to that negative voice anymore? Great post.

  2. Oh, some things I need to get unstuck from….well, it’s already in progress, actually. I need to get back to being me….before life happened. Does that make sense? Before I knew what failure was, before I lost friends, before I knew what hurt, pain, and disappointment really felt like. I need to get back to the core of who God created me to be. And, yes, that requires re-framing my story. Mostly, it requires me looking at my life and saying to myself, “I know that I will be victorious because God said it. And, if He said it, it must be true.” So, now I rejoice with how He is re-shaping my life & re-telling my story. And, all I have to do is follow Him to the finish line! : )

    1. It’s going to be a beautiful thing when you look at your “rebirth” today Brandi. Take it one step at a time… even when you don’t have all the answers. God bless you on your journey!

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